BACK TO SCHOOL: Getting organised

When you’re in high school organisation is the key to succes. I’m going to show you my tips.

There are two ways one with the binder or one with the notebooks.

the binder
Get binder and get tabs. On the tabs you write down every course you have following by pockets and lined paper.

Every time you make notes write them down at the right course. This way you’ll have every note with you all the time.

If you get handouts put them in a pocket at the right course.

When you study for a test get all the paper of that course out and write them neatly on another lined paper. This’ll make you remember it easily and everything looks neat.

Get a small notebook for every course you have. Fold these between the book it belongs to. This makes sure you won’t forget the right notebooks over throwing them randomly in your bag. If you have a class where you make notes and make question flip the note book and start at the back. 2 notebooks in one.

Write everything down in your agenda! This makes you prepared for everything and keeps out stress.
Write down the class and classroom following by the homework or test.
Get small sticky notes to write down larger information or non school things.

index cards
Index cards are amazing they’re small and push you into making a small summary of lines. I prefer them for math and science over biologie or languages. They are great for dates, formulas and rules. Let’s just say these card got me through math!

If you have any questions leave em down below or email at

Talk to you tomorrow


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