My Movies: ACTION

As I promissed in my blogpost about ROMANTIC movies, I’ll be doing the post with different kinda genres, today it will be Action. So click that button if you want to see my favorite action movies.

Action movies, my definition of an action movie is a nice exciting movies which isn’t like really scary which thrillers are. Action movie typically have a lot of fighting in them.

These movies are great if you are not too much into action movies because they also have some comedy and romance in them.


Knight and day
Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are great together, Cruise plays a reckless spy and Cameron plays this girl that was there at the wrong time. A great casual movie with some action elements.

Starring single Katherine Heigl who meets Aston Kutcher and finds out he’s a spy. Hilarious movie!

Mr and Mrs Smith
Starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are both spies neither of them knows that their are both spies, until they have to kill each other. One of the best action and romance combined movies out there. A definite must see!

These movies are more for the die hard action movie fans


Die Hard
There are multiple starring Bruce Willis as a cop trying to solve some creative bad guys. There is a lot of action but also the puzzle of who did what and who can you trust, which makes either one of them exciting.

Mission Impossible
Omg I really like these movies starring Tom Cruise. He gets a couple of mission which are very complicated and hard to solve. Very confusing because you never know who you can trust.

Movies starring Keanu Reeves. They are a little on the scifi side but still very mysterious and really fun to watch.

Fast and the furious
For guys I get why they love this movie it combines cars, women and action. You do notice that this movie is meant for guys but the action is really good and I really enjoyed all of them if you like any of the above make sure to check them out to.

The Bourne…
These movies are so confusing! I loved them though! They are super mysterious but have a good story and I would definitely recommend them to people who like the puzzle more than the action.

James Bond movies
They are all great not to much action and good story. Personally I don’t like the ones before Pierce Brosnan because I feel that they’re just to old but I guess a lot will disagree. Make sure to al least check out one of them.



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