High-end lipstick collection.


I love make up but my two favorite things are lipsticks and eyeshadows, today I’ll show you my high-end lipsticks.

I have 6 high-end lipsticks, with these I did not include M.A.C because I feel there are sort of in between high-end and drugstore.
First my two Dior lipsticks. They’re really buttery and glide on the lips they don’t stay on all day but really are making your lips soft when you apply during the day. They are very sheer and can be build up to the swatch photo at the end. I have colour 751 Exotique and 437 Charming. They are €34.50 and are from the dior addict line.

Then my two Estee Lauder lipsticks. They’re are from the PURE COLOUR ENVY line and are therefore more expensive then their regular lipsticks(32€). I have colour Envious and Dominant. They look similar but the left one is a prefect red and the other a more violet kinda colour. They stay on very long and survive meals well I would definitely recommend the red one it looks fantastic and lasts a lot longer than the other shade.

This is Chanel L’eclatante, the most perfect bright pink ever. It is the best lipstick I own; It is super easy to apply because of it’s finish. Which isn’t matt or shimmery and it feel super good on the lips. It is fully covering my lips and stays on very long for this texture of lipstick finishes. Not als long as the Estee Lauder ones or the YSL one.


My first high-end lipstick this one last the entire day! It is a deep plum, it looks more red on the photo. It is super smooth on the lips when applying but tends to dry in the lips which could make them a little dry but that really doesn’t show.

Here are the swatches of all of them.

YSL-Chanel-Estee Lauder
The YSL and EL is applied 1 time the rest 2 times or more


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