BACK TO SCHOOL: What should you bring?

Going to high school for the first time is an exciting and new experience. Earlier I showed you tips on surviving high school and now I am giving you tips on what to bring.

A school bag is an essential and most of us choose a backpack, but there are a lot of shoulder bags which look a lot better and are more practical. I w I ul recommend one of these three bags.

A shopper, fits a lot and very trendy. Downside if you’re in a rainy climate.H&M 19.99

A cowboy bag, fits a lot and good quality. Only downside is that is is incredibly big.

A birkin look a like. I see a lot of girls with these type of bags they don’t fit as much but they are really practical and cute. Downside is again the rainy climate if you have some bigger books.

Here my list of what to bring and what not!
Organizer, one with a lot of space and one that you can lay open.
Pencil case, fill it with
3 blue pens
2 red pens, for correcting
3 pencils + sharpener
1 Eraser
1 Ruler, small one
1 Calculator
Lunch, just in a plastic bag not in a lunchbox.
Bottle of water
Books, with different notebook for every class folded in the book.

Of course make a little bas with girl neccecities, include tissues, contact neccecities if you are wearing one and any make up and of course the usual.
Make sure to have fun and if you have any questions leave them down below or email me at

Talk to you tomorrow



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