Food: What I made and where I get my recipes.


I love baking a lot, cooking as well but I am more of a desserts kinda gal. A few days ago I made my version of Laura Vitales brownies. And today I made some recipes too. I would like to show you them and my tips on existing recipes and where to get them.

Brownies there are so good, any choclate lovers dream. Laura vitale has a TRIPLE CHOCLATE CARAMEL BROWNIE recipe on These are super delicious and a great bases for different flavors. I recently made brownies with just semisweet chocolat. And made one with caramel sauce, milk choclat and hazelnuts. The caramel sauce makes them really fudgy which I definitely prefer to a more cakey brownie.

Today I made some panini’s! I don’t have a panini press and never thought I could make them with out it. But a few days ago BENJIMANTV made a recipe on pesto panini’s, here you just use a skillet and a lid where you can press the panini with. I baked off some bread added aioli on both sides and put cheese and oregano on the bread, baked them 2 minutes on each side pressing well, makes the most delicious panini’s. I would like to make one with vegetables some days like zuchinni or some bell peppers.

Today I also made some banana bread, this claims to be really healthy and good for breakfast and dessert. I read a lot of recipes online and came up with my one version of it.

On the photos you can see what I used, only forgot to add coffee and unsalted peanuts or any other nut you prefer (these I chose because they were cheap) on the line up. I do warn you it’s nothing like cake or bread and has a wet consistency, almost like being under cooked, but make sure a toothpick comes out clean at the end.

  • preheat your oven to 350F or 180C and grease and line a baking tin with parchment paper.
  • Mix your butter and sugar together make sure your butter is softend, or melted.
  • Add all your eggs, put them in a seperate bowl first to make sure they aren’t bad eggs.
  • Mash
    the banana’s and mix them in with 1/3  a cup of coffee(brewed)
  • Add everything else and put in half of your mixture in your lined baking tin.
  • image

  • Add caramel sauce and put in the rest of the mixture and bake for 40 minutes in the oven.

If you have any questions about the recipes you can email me at with subject ‘FOODQUESTIONS’ and I’ll promise I’ll try to answer that day.


Lastly I would like to talk about coffee. Pesonally I have never liked coffee staraight up even though I love everything coffee flavoured. Because I needed coffee in my banana bread and I got some left over I decided to make a cappuccino. I got 1/4 a cup of coffee and 2/4 a cup of milk. I heated the milk up in the microwave and then put it in a bowl and with a wisk made a foam and put this on the coffee. I added a bit of sugar and cinnamon and really liked it so if you are not a big fan of coffee give this a try.

Normally I don’t make this much a day but today I felt like it! Let me know if you like this post and make sure to leave a comment down below.

Talk to you tomorrow



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