High-end wishlist: THE DESIGNER BAG


Most of us just can’t afford €1500 bags or shoes that are €700, but we al have wishes don’t we. Your probably only going to buy this once or twice in your life and you need to make sure it is a good choice. In this post I’ll show you my designer bag wish list and give you some pointers on buying more exclusive items. Every week I’ll do a different item.

The designer bag

You probably have wanted a Celine, a Michel Kors or any other it bag. These bags are trendy during a short period of time and can sometimes make you regret your purchase. Not that you can’t love an it bag only will you carry it around in 10 years? The same rule applies to the colour; will you like a neon pink bag in 10 years? That why I would recommend going with a more timeless piece, in black, brown or a nude colour. Sometimes there are outlets for designer bags, make sure that the bag is a regular design because sometimes bags are made especially for the outlet and have never been sold in a actual designer store and are made with cheaper materials. Just Google it and a new world opens so be careful! Here are some suggestions on bags that are timeless and still really awesome, in every price range.


Of course the Chanel Flap bag. This bag has been popular for ages and the bags is classic and timeless and in the last few years they’ve become more and more expensive so if you would sell it later on you might get a pretty good deal. I would recommend going with
the black or nude colour, do realise the leather is very soft which makes the lamb leather very hard to keep nice I would recommend going for the caviar leather if you want a more durable bag.


The hermes birkin also has been around for ages and it is so classic. Go for black or a nude or make it a little more special going for a print but still balck to keep it basic.

Mulberry has two durable bags which are gorgeous and the colour selection is endless, I would recommend going for these.


The last one is my personal favorite it is the most prettiest in Ballet Pink.

Now on to the cheaper bags, relatively cheaper!
A good alternative are the TED BAKER bags




There is a big variety of colours but I would recommend going for more neutral basic colours but these bags are around €350 which still is expensive but if you compare it to above, going for a colourful bag isn’t to risky.

If you do prefer the Micheal Kors bags I would recommend going for the more basic styles like these.



These bags are from DKNY and are in the ted baker and Micheal Kors price range and they are gorgeous as well and some are pretty similar to the really expensive bags above.



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