MY MOVIES: Romantic

I am a big movie fan, who isn’t? They are a great way to spend some spare time. That’s why I decided to make a list by genre. By genre because I personally am a big fan of action movies but I do realise that most girls don’t so now it is easier to choose which you will like as well. This time the genre that I choose is ROMANTIC, every Monday there will be another genre. So take the five extra minutes and click that continue reading button.

The Notebook
This movie is the most romantic movie ever! It’s about love between people who are both really different and their struggles.

Shakespeare in love
I watched this movie in my English class a few years ago. It’s about Shakespeares play and the struggles and preparation. And the fact that Shakespeare is really handsome in this movie isn’t at all making this so incredible.

Pride and Prejudice
This movie is based on a novel from Jane Austen which is published in 1813. I personally love these old costume movies, but if your not into this kind a thing, you might think it is extremely boring because of the slow dialogue. But the story is so amazing and if you watch one of these movies please watch this one because it tells a very important lesson in an amazing way.

Walk to remember
This is one of those movies were you start to get tears in your eyes. This movies shows to totally different people in school falling in love, I know it sounds cheesy but this one totally isn’t.

You know the movie, you’ve seen it a billion times but I could not not out this one in. Omg thinking about this movie makes me want to watch it again.

Nick and north’s infinite playlist
This slightly more alternative movie is really real and therefore really romantic. It revolves about a boy and a girl who discover love for the first time, because they have the same interests.

This oldie is a classic and couldn’t be left out. Do you love some one so much you would change for them? Super cheesy but so romantic.

Dirty Dancing
Again a classic and therefore just watch it again. It’s not like I could tell you anything to change your mind: You love it or you hate it.

An Eduction
This movie you probably don’t know. It’s about a girl who is young and meets this mam who is twice her age, the shows her his way of the world.

Notting Hill
Again a classic but how could I leave this one out?

10 things I hate About you
This movie is based on a story from Shakespeare and is about Kat who has shut everyone out of her life. When someone hires someone go out with her she finally opens up.

The holiday
I know this movie is really long but it shows love from different angles and it is worth those hours!

The vow

This movie is so sad, because Paige and Leo live a great and happy life, until Paige don’t remember anything from the last few year when they get in an accident. This one is so romantic as well. Leo has to make his wife fall in love with him again.


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