My favorite summer nail colours


Summer it’s our most happy and colourful season of the year. That’s why I decided to show you my top 5 favorite summer lacquers. Because it’s too early for black and brown. We want happy nails, don’t we. So click that continue reading button and read on!

ESSIE Spaghetti Strap

20140816_152810 20140816_152802  20140816_152609

This one looks so clean on the nails! It isn’t one that fully covers your nail, which I normally prefer. But this polish is time less and suits anyone and it’s only €10 which isn’t really expensive for such a good polish. The brush is the perfect size which makes applying super easy. You can buy Essie in the Netherlands exclusively at Etos.

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis Laquers
20140816_153011 20140816_152904 20140816_151222wpid-1408269888003.jpg

I totally fell in love with these lacquers. The lacquers are so easy to put on, omg if you have trouble with paining your nail make sure to try these. I love the pastel colours only the purple one you can’t put on your toes it is just too light, it makes them look sick 🙂 The coral colour is more pink but sometimes looks a bit orangey but in a really nice way. The Coral one has a little glitter in the polish which barely shows up.They are €6, which is a little expensive for such a small bottle but when do you ever finish a polish, I don’t!

DIOR Bouquet (Spring 2014 Trianon Collection)

20140816_152512    20140816_152316 20140816_152422

Where the L’Oréal polish is more pinky and orangey, this laquer is more peachy and light pink. They are really different in real life, but look more similar on the photos. This brush is the best brush I’ve ever tried, only from an expensive polish like this I would of expect the formula not to be as thick which makes applying a little bit more difficult. This polish is €24, which is very expensive but if you really love the colour I would say go for it.


I hope you liked seeing my favorites, what are yours? Leave a comment telling me!

Talk to you tomorrow,



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