High School: Tips for Surviving Your First Year

First+Day+of+School+back_to_school_family_cartoonAbout 2 months ago I graduated high school after 5 years (Havo). Over the years I’ve learned a lot and would like to share this with you. Maybe this is your first year and you really don’t know what to expect or even when you have been there for a while I’ll give your some pointers.

First of all I want to point out that high schools are different everywhere and my tips are based of my experience and my school.

Introduction week

You finished Elementary school! YAY! But what is next? High school is a totally different experience: Different teachers, bigger school, bigger people,  your own books, different classrooms and different people. I’ll promise you’ll get used to it. The first week is the hardest, but remind yourself that how old or how tall the people look they were in 1st grade once too!

It depends of your school has an introduction week or not. If they do MAKE SURE TO GET TO KNOW THE NEW PEOPLE do not stick around with the people you already know. I know that’s hard at first but it will make your entire experience different.

Your new school is probably a lot bigger and therefore MAKE SURE TO LOOK AROUND and not just follow your buddies, this will help you remind where every class room is and won’t make you all stressed out not knowing where to go.

I understand that you don’t want to forget something on your first day, but MAKE SURE NOT TO OVERPACK! This is not neccesary at all! Just pack the basics because especially in that first week you probably won’t be needing a lot of stuff.  Next week I make a post about packing do’s and don’ts.

Remember this is not the first year that there are 1st years there! The school knows that this is all very exciting and new for you guys, therefore they’ll try their best to give you the information that you’ll need. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE LETTERS OR EMAILS THEY SEND because most of the time they are very usefull: About what to expect on which days and what to bring.


Okay, you survived the introduction now time for the real stuff! You walk into the classroom…..First question! Where am I going to sit? Next to your friends from Elementary school? That girl you talked to a few days ago? I would recommend going for the second one, this will give you the change to get to know her better and make a new friend right away. Do make sure to ask if you can sit next to her because maybe she already made plans who was going to sit next to her! If there is absolutly no-one than just sit alone, this way someone who doesn’t know either can sit next to you. But do not make a habit of sitting alone!

Your teacher will probably introduce himself and tell you what you can expect in his class. This is very valuable information. Just get your pencilcase and your organizer on your table to make some quick notes. Do not by any means write everything down! Just don’t!  But if the teacher says you have to, make sure you do because it probably is important.

Put everything in your organizer! I always kept everything in my head and occasionally forgot some stuff. You can’t remember everything so just write it down, that is where it’s for!


I know it’s a pain! But just do it! I would recommend doing it right away, this’ll give you the weekend off! The first weeks the homework isn’t that much work so if you start off the right way you’ll have the benefits later on.


After a few weeks you maybe get your first test assigned. Don’t stress! The teacher supposed to do this far in advance, at least one week. Take about 30 minutes looking through your notes and write on a post-it what you’ve got to study for this test Then look at the material and slipt it in parts (Say you have one week to study 100 words. Then on Monday till Thursday learn 25 words. On Friday and Saturday  repeat these words. And on sunday make a test of all the 100 words. I would recommend using website for studying words). Next week there will also be a how to be organised in school post which includes study tips as well. Make sure to follow me on insta to see which post are coming up!

Last words

Just don’t stress! You won’t be late! You will find that classroom, promise! If you have any questions, how small or how unimportant they may be to you, you can email me on my contact me page. If you are Dutch you can also email me in Dutch if you prefer that over English.

Hope you liked my blogpost! You can also ask questions in the comments down below! And of coure leave anything else you woul want to, I would love to read your comments.

Talk to you tomorrow

I don’t own any of the pictures used in this blog post, if the people who do own them have a problem with me using them, I’ll remove them.


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