My 15 Favorite Youtubers.

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A few days ago I watched our 8 o’clock news here in the Netherlands.  And to my surprise there was an issue about SUMMER IN THE CITY where they talked about Zoella and Sanne. Two bloggers who are really popular on YouTube, they also asked the audience what they preferred YT or TV? And you guessed it everyone chose YT, that’s why I decided to share with you my 15 favorite youtubers that I have discovered over the years.

Chloe Morello

chloe morello

This gorgeous girl got skills! Her make up looks are amazing and she’s just such a lovely girl. She’s on 15 because she doesn’t upload that regularly. Make sure to check her blog out here her YT channel here.


27 year old mascha is proud owner of the biggest beauty blog in the Netherlands. She makes daily vlogs and has a blog which you can check out here and her youtube channel here.



Just like Chloe Morello she is stunning and here video’s are pretty similar, but she is such a nice person which makes watching her video’s more fun.You can check her out here and here.

Vera Camilla


This Dutch blogger is one of my favorite Dutch ones. The way she sets up her video’s give you a cozy feeling and she is so real even though a lot of famous youtubers aren’t anymore. Check her out here and here.



All the bloggers above are mostly beautybloggers and there are so many of them. That’s why I like Evelina so much she combines lifestyle with fashion and translates fashion in away anyone can understand. You can find here and here.

Sarah Belle


This blogger has it all: She’s one of a kind with her taste in fashion and beauty. Her video’s are super funny because she’s such a wonderful person. Make sure to check her out here.

Elle fowler (All That Glitters 21)


Elle fowler is so much fun to watch. She makes sure every little detail is perfect and that’s why her video’s look so amazing. Her video’s are one of a kind and she also combines home decor in the mix which is a nice change from her regular video’s. You can find her here and here



You probably already know the girls of pixiwoo: Sam and Nic. They have their brush line, Real Techniques and give multiple beauty courses. Their video’s are amazing and you should definitely check them out  here if you haven’t already.
In the Netherlands their brushes are quite hard to find at least for me. I got mine here.



Just hearing her talk is already so funny. She really comes of so real and her video’s are amazing. She also has a vlog channel. Which you can check out here and here and here.



By far my most favorite Dutch bloggers. These friends, Willemijn and Martine, are incredibly funny and really make stunning but wearable looks. They recently quit their job and are now blogging full time. You can check them out here and here

Laura Vitale

She has multiple channels: Vitale style, Thevitales and her main channel Laura in the kitchen. Personally I am not a big fan of her style channel. The video’s are too long and therefore not really to the point. Her vlogs are really fun to watch with her husband Joe, but sometimes they tend to be too long as well. Her main channel is my favorite. Short, to the point, easy to do cooking video’s and they’re delicious. You can find her here, here and here

Claire Marshall

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 6.27.10 PM

She is amazing! I love her look it’s so edgy but still feminine. Her make up looks are really nice and she has a very big range of video’s. And she’s a little crazy. Find her here and here.

Essiebutton and vlogs


She is hilarious and so real. Her vlogs with her boyfriend are amazing, so amazing that I wish she would do them daily. Her beauty video’s are really unique and oh my god just watch them. Make sure you do! Here and here and her vlogs here. They are making a Nordic trip which you can see daily on their vlog channel, really nice too!



I haven’t been following them for long but I already love this family. Jonathan is extremely funny and his wife Anna is such a lovely mommy. They have two kids: Emilia and Eduardo. They make daily vlogs and they’re one of the best ones out there! Find there vlog channel here.



This is by far the most fun and entertaining vlog there is. It revolves around Benji and Judy with their lovely kids: Julliana and their twin girls Miya(ko) and Keira. But I’ve got to warn you, you’ll probably get addicted to their channel! Find there channel here.

Hope you liked the blogpost! Leave a comment down below saying what your favourite youtuber is. And of course anything else you want to leave there!

I do not own any of the photos used and if the people who do own them have a problem with me using them I’ll remove them.

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