My first blog post: Welcome to my blog!


I started a blog! I’m really excited and I hope you guys will love it as much as me. Read on to see what you can expect here and when.

First I want to introduce myself. I’m Kim and  the 1st of september I’m going to college (HBO) here in the Netherlands. I have a passion for everything beauty related and that’s why I started this blog and also to share my thoughts and bits and pieces of my life. I, as every girl,  love fashion that will also be on my blog. And lastly food. I love eating delicious food and especially baking, I’ll share my places to get great recipes and show you what I eat and stuff.

I’ll upload everyday on 6.00(Amsterdam time). There will be mostly beauty and lifestyle posts on my blog and sometimes some fashion and food posts.

If you have any feedback you can email me on my contact me page. I hope you will enjoy my blog and make sure to leave a comment telling what you would like or anything else you would love to share!

Talk to you tomorrow,

I do not own any of the photos used and if the people who do own them have a problem with me using them I’ll remove them.


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