I’m back!

I know i have been MIA for a while now and i’m really sorry for that, but I’ve some news about my future blogging, so read on

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A few changes around here…

I really like blogging even though I started just recently.  I do came to the conclusion that is is a lot if work and I love putting that in to my blogpost. But I feel like I haven’t done that the way I want to therefore I decided to make same changes around here. Read one to see which ones.

First the updates, everyday is simply too much to making a blogpost the way I want to therfore I made this schedule…
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
No posts.
Tuesday and Thursday
Regular 6.00 posts
Saturday and Sunday
1 Special 10.00 post
1 regular 10.00 post
Not every week the same day.

The special post will be a little longer and maybe a returning topic on those days. Like Hauls and Favorites.
Regular post will be like the ones you’ve seen before.

Starting right now!
Talk to you soon